• Automation and Control

    AE is a complete automation services company for intelligent control system design. We deal in factory automation, system migration, and robotic process automation.

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  • Systems Integration

    Applied Electronics offers requirement analysis to customized solution design, implementation, integration, and operations of a system.

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  • Research and Development

    With skills in electronics, embedded software,and mechatronics. Applied Electronics handles the entire development of a product from design to production.

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  • Support and Maintenance

    AE understands the needs of industries that use automated controls, when those controls go down, you need someone who can repair them right and quickly.

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Applied Electronics (AE) focuses on automation and control, systems integration, embedded product development, and technical support. No matter what your process may be, AE can help you automate it through cutting edge technology.

We’re much more than a team of techies; we are your strategic partner. Using our exceptional experience and a dedicated team, we do one thing only: Focus on meeting your customers’ expectations of innovative and digital experience.

Our Services

Automation & Control Services

AE is a comprehensive automation services company for intelligent control System design. We integrate controls for production automation, management system migration and robotization of processes.

Systems Engineering & Integration

AE offers an analysis of the requirements for individual solution design, implementation, integration, and operation of the system. The emphasis is on client satisfaction within cost and schedule restrictions.

Research & Product Development

With skills in electronics, embedded software, and mechatronics, we able to take over all product development from design to production. We accompany our clients at every stage project cycle.

Support & Maintenance

We understand the needs of industries using automated control are vital to your job because when these controls fail you need someone who can fix them correctly and quickly.

What customers appreciate about us?


The Expertise of our engineers and their ability to provide relevant technical solutions.


Quality of our works and project management.


The Proximity Service with regular meetings with our customers.


The Flexibility of our company to adapt to the specific needs of our customers.


The Stability with a low turnover within our teams and a real knowledge of our customers.


Committed to delivering the best customer experience at the center of our ambition.

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