Our Team: The AE’s Edge

A dedicated pool of experts assures you reach your goals for excellence and sustainability during the life of your automation assets. Our On-Call maintenance service offerings and support are driven by the core mission of reducing downtime of our customer assets. Our culture of responsiveness, flexibility, and quality assurance you of optimized asset performance.
Lower your production costs by repairing electronic equipment instead of replacing it. AE has a well-established history of handling a wide range of repairs, including component-level failures, elemental damage, and software corruption. All repairs are evaluated and tested 100% prior to leaving our facility. We repair your entire electronic unit, not just the area of original failure, leaving you with the confidence of knowing that your complete unit is covered with our hassle-free warranty.

Rest assured that if you are in need of industrial electric repairs, we’ve likely dealt with it before. From single circuit boards to sophisticated drives and controllers, to just about anything you use in your operations, our team of highly qualified technicians will restore your damaged industrial components and equipment to original operating specifications.